How We Met

Despite having run in the same races on numerous occasions and even having several mutual friends, we weren't destined to meet until God introduced us via the internet. After a week of increasingly longer and more detailed messages back and forth, we went on our first date. After almost five hours that felt like barely more than five minutes, it was clear that the first date was just the first of many.


The Proposal

Saturday, December 8, 2018 was a day that started out like any other Saturday for us—at the bottom of a mountain. We met at Finger Rock Trail, which goes to the top of Mt. Kimball. After a little more than three hours, we made it to the summit, surrounded by beautiful interior views of the Santa Catalina Mountains on all sides. We enjoyed a snack while Matt impatiently waited for other hikers to clear the area. When the coast was clear, we moved out to a ledge to "get a better view". Through tears and laughter, Matt popped the question, and Marissa said yes.